Digital Ethics: Robots killing Jobs is what AI Researchers worry about (via Slate)

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Published by Cecilia Tilli on Slate recently, and sub-titled: “The Threats That Artificial Intelligence Researchers Actually Worry About“. A quote below:

illustration: original post

illustration: original post

“As interactions with machines increase in our daily life, we will need to learn to imbed them with values that are aligned with ours. But the task is hard: We need to first determine what those values are, and, once we do, program those values into the machine so that they can be reliably applied, without extremely unwanted consequences. This is no easy task. Importantly, it is a social challenge. At the moment, the war we must fight is not against intelligent agents but rather against those making decisions on the basis of corporate profits or narrow interests and not with the common good or the future of humanity in mind.”

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