Talking About Robots leads to Talking About Basic Income (via Motherboard)

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In his article on Motherboard, Wren Handyman points out the necessity to add “conversations about basic income, a government-funded salary given to every citizen” to discussions about robots. He wrote:


illustration: Motherboard

“Artificial intelligence will do more than just create driverless cars. Take, for instance, food production. A student researcher at MIT has created the BakeBot Robot, which uses a laser scanner and stereo camera to identify ingredients, and then simple robotics to manipulate them. Restaurants are already toying with the idea of reducing serving staff by having diners order and pay using apps. That order can then be relayed automatically to the kitchen, where BakeBot prepares the meal. Add delivery by drone, which is already technologically possible, and you have an entire restaurant that has eliminated human workers, all with technology which exists today. That technology remains unperfected, but only drive to adopt stands in the way.”

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