40 to 60 per cent of all jobs will be completed by machines in 2030 (The National UAE)

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The National UAE picked up on Gerd Leonhard’s speech held during SubOptic 2016 in Dubai. From the article:

gl_suboptic2016“Due to interconnectivity and associated technologies, by 2030, he said roughly 40 to 60 per cent of all jobs will be completed by machines. Jobs such as mopping airport floors, preparing cappuccinos and even financial advice. Areas such as finance, real estate, medicine, energy and food are still to be “disrupted” in the way other industries, such as media, telecommunications and transportation, have in recent years, he said.”

“Associated challenges that will continue to emerge will revolve around ethics, establishing limits on how humans approach issues…”

““Watching the media or watching movies about the future, there’s always one thing that comes up – that we’re all going to die because the robots will take over the world. If you look at all of the movies that come out of Hollywood, it’s this fear,” he said. “The future of the world is better than you think but, and this is a big but, we actually have to do something to make it stay positive.””

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