10 Companies that Surprise for Embracing Disruptive Health Innovation (via Medical Futurist)

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Medical Futurist Dr Bertalan Mesko, PhD compiled a list of ten companies “… from – IBM to Google – you didn’t expect to embrace disruptive health innovation.” Quotes from his post showing collaboration examples:

Oscar Health, the hipster insurance company, works with the wearable maker Fitbit. Insured people can submit their Fitbit data and if they reach their fitness goals, they get $1 every day. It helps keep people healthy and motivated with a simple but quantifiable reward.”

“The biomaterial printing company Organovo teamed up with L’Oréal to print out synthetic skin samples. New substances can be tested much faster and on samples resembling actual human skin, instead of animal experiments.”

“Novartis signed an agreement with Google to develop and market the digital contact lens that Google patented in 2014. The idea is to use the lens for measuring blood glucose levels from tears.”

Click here for full list on medical futurist

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