How Elon Musk disrupts the global auto industry in slow motion (via Quartz)

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As seen on Quartz: “In 2007, Nokia was the biggest and most fashionable name in cell phones, with an unassailable lead in hand-held technology. Things had been so good for so long that company executives saw little chance for any competitive challenge–phones were a tough business, they said, and Nokia was reaping the harvest of decades of hard work that no one else could hope to match. That June, Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone. And seven years later, Nokia—worth a quarter of a trillion dollars at its apex—abjectly sold offits much-diminished phone division to Microsoft. The price was $7 billion, less than 3% of its former value. Apple hasn’t introduced as revolutionary a product since, to the relief of incumbent players in all kinds of sectors. But Elon Musk, whose acumen and showmanship get him frequently compared with Jobs, has worked eagerly to fill the void.”

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