A Panel says that Artificial Intelligence Is Far From Matching Humans (via NY Times)

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Written by John Markoff, last week the New York Times published in its Technology section a good article about Artificial Intelligence:

artificial intelligence“Kate Crawford, a principal researcher at Microsoft Research, called on the industry to add ethics to the professional training of engineers. ‘We need to start changing the skill set of the people who are going to be the data scientists of the future and the A.I. creators of the future,’ she said. A.I. systems are pervasive, Ms. Crawford said, pointing to a doll like Hello Barbie, which speaks and listens. ‘You might think that’s a fantastic toy, that’s really wonderful,’ she said. ‘What you don’t realize is that it is the front to this huge data ingestion machine that is taking all of those statements by that child and then using them for a whole range of purposes.’”

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