Futurist Gerd Leonhard: more changes in the next 20 years than there were in the past 300 years (via Business Times Singapore)

Digital Transformation , Gerd Leonhard

The Business Times published a review of Gerd Leonhard’s presentation during CommunicAsia2016 two days ago in Singapore. Gerd Leonhard “… predicted that in the next five years, increased global connectivity, super-computing and more powerful interfaces will bring about exponential changes in how people communicate, consume media and content, do business and learn and design our future.” Further:

vr1_0“The nature of people’s interactions with each other and the fundamentals of our environment will change; ‘everything that can become digital will indeed become digital’ in an era of ‘smart-everything’. This will have a major impact on society, culture and business; the future will present society with the means to revolutionise industrial processes and increase efficiency through ‘smart farming’, ‘smart logistics’ and ‘smart transportation’.”

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Best-of-Slides from Gerd Leonhard’s presentation

Full slide deck of presentation (pdf)

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