Shelly Palmer on Man/Machine Partnerships – Should we fear AI?

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CEO of Palmer Advanced Media (ShellyPalmer Strategic Advisors) and host of Shelly Palmer Digital Living on Fox 5, asked in his post published on his blog yesterday: “Should you fear AI?”

HAL9000 CompressorNew and scary … something very new is on the horizon: man/machine partnerships pairing hackers with purpose-built AI systems. This is the type of AI training set that will empower an escalation of the cyberwarfare arms race unlike any we have seen before.

Imagine computer viruses that ‘think’. Would they still qualify metaphorically as viruses? Imagine a strategist that could think at the speed of Google’s AlphaGo trained to rob banks or attack medical records or whatever other computer-centric infrastructure you can think of. It won’t be a diabolical machine hell-bent on destroying the world; it will be a group of hackers partnering with powerful purpose-built computers and AI training sets attacking in ways we cannot hope to fully pre-imagine.”

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