Post-Capitalism Utopia seems to be a Farce – what has really changed with new technology? (via Alternet)

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A noteworthy article on Alternet last week, written by Dr. Roslyn Fuller asks “Technology brings new ways of working, but what has really changed?” Referring to “A Guide to Our Future” by British journalist Paul Mason, Fuller writes:

money“…Mason’s main premise, that information technology will bring with it profound new ways of work and perhaps a new economy—a post-capitalist economy if you will—is an interesting one. Unlike so many others on the political left—and Mason is definitely and unapologetically on the left—he has grasped that a return to the glory days of widespread union membership and workplace solidarity is impossible. People simply do not live and work in the rooted communities of the past—they are more disaggregated, hopping from job to job and city to city, working on contract, freelance or as self-employed “entrepreneurs” of the digital age. At the same time, the scarcity model of economic understanding is at least partially unraveling, with social enterprise and the sharing economy blurring, as the author puts it, the distinction between work and play.”

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