Video: Gerd Leonhard at European Insurers’ AMICE 2016 in Ghent

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The city of Ghent in Belgium saw the AMICE Congress taking place during the first week of June, an event where all European mutual and cooperative insurers converge. Session III on the morning of June 3rd was covered by Gerd Leonhard and his presentation: “Mutuals evolving in a digital world”. Summary:

Gerds Leonhard speaking at AMICE 2016 in Ghent“How much will digitalisation affect the way mutual and cooperative insurers do business? Can they maintain their mutuality if transactions are increasingly on-line since ‘virtual’ proximity no longer has the same value? Or can the sector provide innovative services thanks to the use of technology while ensuring that members’ interests come first?”

Gerd Leonhard’s presentation has been video recorded and is freely available on YouTube. Or get his slides here:

Gabriele Ruttloff


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