Gerd Leonhard: Be careful about what we shouldn’t automate – even if we can (via Channel NewsAsia)

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Following his recent keynote at CommunicAsia 2016 in Singapore, Gerd Leonhard was interviewed by Channel NewsAsia. The post written by Jonathan Peeris as well as a short video clip were published online yesterday. Some quotes…

Gerd & Meme“The goal of business is not efficiency. We’re confusing the goal of business, which is customers’ happiness, right? And a customer’s happiness is created by many more things than numbers and efficiency and algorithms.”

“‘… what [computer] pick up is still not ‘our reality’. For instance – a computer might surmise that an employee is useless because he ‘doesn’t sell anything, doesn’t email anybody’. ‘But maybe there’s another function the computer doesn’t know,’ said Mr Leonhard. ‘We should not give the computer the power to decide on really human things. When you put too much authority in the machine, it creates lots of mistakes.'”

“‘While businesses do need to act quickly,’ he said, ‘jumping on the bandwagon of digital transformation without fully understanding the digital realm is an exercise in futility,’ he said.”

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