AI Boom: Based on Old Ideas with a Modern Twist (via The Economist)

Artificial Intelligence

ai economist“From not working to neural networking” is the headline of The Economist’s comprehensive article published last week in the Technology section, continuing … “How had artificial intelligence, associated with hubris and disappointment since its earliest days, suddenly become the hottest field in technology? The term was coined in a research proposal written in 1956 which suggested that significant progress could be made in getting machines to ‘solve the kinds of problems now reserved for humans…if a carefully selected group of scientists work on it together for a summer’. That proved to be wildly overoptimistic, to say the least, and despite occasional bursts of progress, AI became known for promising much more than it could deliver. Researchers mostly ended up avoiding the term, preferring to talk instead about ‘expert systems’ or ‘neural networks. The rehabilitation of ‘AI’, and the current excitement about the field, can be traced back to…” read full article on The Economist

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