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A newsletter with the title: “The Future of Everything: Making Sense of the Sensor Revolution from a Telecoms Perspective” was published recently by Martin Geddes on He writes:

abstract world technology background“We are in the midst of a revolution in computing, driven by ubiquitous and cheap sensors tied to machine intelligence. In the 1990s the hypertext revolution gained a culturally standardized name, the Web. This ‘hypersense’ revolution has yet to gather its moniker. One common and sensible framing is the ‘Internet of Everything’. It potentially touches nearly every industry and human activity. At the heart of the Internet of Everything (IoE) is an infrastructure for relaying sensed data and relating it to its meaning. This infrastructure conveys information that is critical to economic success and even safety of life. How should the telecoms industry adapt so it can be ready to supply a platform for a new communications paradigm?

‘Wellth’ is the new wealth
As a society we are collectively moving beyond the initial Information Technology revolution. This was very much focused on the automation of preexisting business processes. Citizens hold the roles of both consumers and workers. As such they increasingly seek more than mere workplace ‘productivity’…” Click here to continue to read on

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