Gerd Leonhard’s new Book will be available soon: Technology vs Humanity

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With his upcoming book “Technology vs Humanity“, Gerd Leonhard will address a subject that increasingly concerns all of us. Effective end of July, the new web site will offer an abundance of information about the topic and first previews of the book.

ScreenShot Book Sleeve 18JUL2016“The coming clash between machine and man will dwarf the last two hundred years of technology change. As computing moves from our desktop to our pocket to our wrist and ultimately inside our bodies, the very nature of humanity will be challenged and changed irreversibly unless we can conduct a much deeper discussion about ethics and responsibility right now. Gerd Leonhard’s breakthrough new book is the kind of manifesto HG Wells or George Orwell would be writing were they alive in 2016 – a last-minute call to wake up from technology mania and address the unprecedented moral and tribal dilemmas now facing homo sapiens. Whether you see technology as a threat or a basically good thing, this book will blow your assumptions out the window and compel a much deeper conversation.”

The release of “Technology vs Humanity” is planned for early September 2016. The topic’s web platform will feature more details, new video clips, interviews, previews, the possibility to pre-order the book, as well as an online subscription. Just stay tuned.

Gabriele Bauer


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