To benefit from artificial intelligence, we should act now, before it is too late (Gerd Leonhard Quotes via The Telegraph)

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In yesterday’s article on The Telegraph, journalist Oliver Pickup writes: “Chief executives must be acutely aware of how to harness the power of AI to transform their human capital if they are to avoid a future of failure.” He cites Gerd Leonhard, who was a session leader at the recent Tata Communications’ fourth CEO summit, thinks businesses of all sizes need to transform their approach and culture from the top down. Quotes:

TATA-AI“Mr Leonhard, offering advice to laggard business leaders, says: ‘It starts with a progressive attitude. Companies should look at the rolling AI improvements that can be realised now. Creating efficiencies through AI – such as a smart meeting system that saves time and money – is good, but you need to not be shortsighted.'”

“’AI is not a gimmick like social media or big data. Think of it as an ecosystem. To make that work, people have to understand this must be a holistic environment considering efficiency, profit, growth and also humanity.'”

“’If you empty out most of the human elements of your company it will eventually backfire. This is not about efficiency, it’s about long-term value.’”

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