The real world is turning into a digital colony real fast (via TheVerge)

Digital Transformation

James Vincent published his post on July 20th in the First Click section of The Verge. He starts his write-up: “One of the defining trends of tech in recent years has been the colonization of the real by the digital. By that, I mean the tendency for technology to overlay our experience of people, places, and things, with networks that exist primarily online.” Quote:

The Verge“Getting computers to understand out what’s happening in pictures and video has always been tricky, but in recent years, advances in deep learning have made it much, much easier. Now, Google can automatically sort your holiday photos based on whether you’re at the beach or the bar, and Facebook can describe every image on its social network for the benefit of the visually impaired. Photographs and videos are being turned into just another sort of data that’s as easily quantifiable as text.”

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