Technology Vs. Humanity – Who Is Going To Win? Interview With Gerd Leonhard (via Forbes)

Gerd Leonhard , Technology vs Humanity

Paul Armstrong published an eye-opening interview he held with Futurist Gerd Leonhard this week on Forbes online the Tech / #Cutting Edge section. Gerd talks about the change of humanity within the next 20 years, explains the “future shock”, how man and machine will converge, exponentiality and more. The interview refers to Gerd Leonhard’s new book “Technology vs. Humanity“, which is scheduled for release on September 8.

Illustration: Frank Diana

Illustration: Frank Diana

Quote from the interview: “What we need is human stewardship that masters the transition into this new machine age. However, it is already pretty obvious that trillions of dollars are spent on making the world technologically ‘smarter’ (smart cities, smart farming, smart energy…) but very little is spent on getting humans ready for that future – in fact, while machines get smarter we may actually become dumber … And yes, it will be shocking to many of us to be confronted with a reality where machines have taking over many if not most tasks that used to be human such as getting directions, making appointments, finding mates and soon even medical diagnosis.”

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