Medical Futurist: How 10 Ways of Artificial Intelligence Could Make Me a Better Doctor

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In February 2015, TFA Member and The Medical Futurist Dr. Bertalan Meskó wrote in his blog: “Here are 10 things how Artificial Intelligence could make me a better doctor and consequently live a better life:

1) Eradicate waiting time: Not only patients have to wait a lot for their doctors, but doctors lose a lot of time everyday waiting for something (a patient, a lab result, etc.). An AI system that makes my schedule as efficient as possible directing me to the next logical task would be a jackpot.

2) Prioritize my emails: I deal with about 200 e-mails every single day. I try to teach GMail how to mark an e-mail important or categorize them automatically into social media messages, newsletters and personal e-mails, it’s still a challenge. In Her, the AI system prioritized all the 3000 unread e-mails in a second. Imagine that!”

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Gabriele Ruttloff


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