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Interactive Bodies (via JWT Intelligence)

The source of this article is the “J. Walter Thompson Intelligence is a center for provocative thinking that focuses on identifying shifts in the global zeitgeist.” In her post of July 27, Jade Perry writes about “interactive acrylic nails for commuters that point toward our

Gerd Leonhard: How Exponential Technologies Will Change the Insurance Business

On June 3rd, 2016, Gerd Leonhard spoke at the 5th AMICE event for European mutual and cooperative insurers, held in Gent, Belgium. Below please find his entire keynote live recorded – on topics such as how exponential technologies and the 10 megashifts e.g. automation, intelligization, virtualisation, anticipation

Gerd Leonhard: la tecnologia tra paradiso e inferno

Per i nostri lettori italiani. Blog Contocorrente 27/07/2016: “l futurista Gerd Leonhard è quell’esperto che può descriverti tutti gli straordinari benefici della tecnologia digitale rimanendo però con i piedi per terra. La tecnologia può procurarci enormi vantaggi se usata nel modo corretto, altrimenti ne paghiamo le conseguenze

Video: Healing through Sharing – The Open Patient (via Red Hat)

Published a month ago on Red Hat’s YouTube channel, in this clip “The Open Patient tells the story of two brain cancer patients who, by accessing and sharing their medical data, are turning their crises into a movement. Through their advocacy for open healthcare data