Replacing Humans: Uber Begins Its Endgame (via Motherboard)

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pittsburgh cab drivers

Uber platform promotion in Austin. Image: Rideshare Works for Austin

“Taxi drivers have spent the last few years begging local governments around the world to put an end to the threat of unregulated ridesharing.” Jason Koebler wrote an alarming article about robot taxis a few weeks ago on Motherboard.

“We all know that sooner or later, human employment as a service driver is going to come to an end; there are too many companies in too many countries making too much progress on automated car technology for unsafe, expensive, and litigious humans to stay behind the wheel. But real life robotaxis are coming sooner than we would have ever thought possible: Uber announced Thursday that its automated cars are going to begin shuttling passengers around Pittsburgh by the end of the month. Let that sink in: The age of the hirable robotaxi for the masses will begin within the next twelve (12) calendar days.”

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