More Time Is Needed to Question Our Technology-Driven Future (via Co.Exist)

Digital Ethics , Technology vs Humanity

“Too many people assume that every technological innovation produces profits and social benefits.” writes Ben Schiller of Fast Company in his article published a few days ago on Co.Exist that is based on an interview with Gerd Leonhard about his new book “Technology vs. Humanity“.

co.exist“From AI to genetics to the internet of things, technology is moving faster than ever, creating all sorts of wonderful possibilities. Self-learning networks could cure cancer. Robots could do the dirty work humans don’t want to do. Within years, we may have boundless renewable energy, and batteries that go a week without charging. But what of the unintended consequences? As a society, we tend to lionize technology as the solution to everything, while barely considering the ethical, political, and social implications.”

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Gabriele Ruttloff


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