Technology vs. Humanity: Interview with Gerd Leonhard on his new book (via IEET)

Gerd Leonhard , Technology vs Humanity

Ten days before Gerd’s latest book was officially published, IEET Managing Director Steven Umbrello interviewed futurist and author Gerd Leonhard about his new book, Technology vs. Humanity. An excerpt:

Steven: “Is there a central message or philosophy in your book that you want all readers to grasp?”

more in 20 years than past 300 yearsGerd: “Yes, there are quite a few… but here are 3:
a) we should embrace technology but not become it – because by becoming technology i.e. ‘transcending humanity’ as some singularity / post-human pundits are already proposing, we would actually be downgraded not upgraded. Echoing what Bobby Kennedy said about GDP, in the 1960s, I think that ‘data and machines measure everything around us except that which makes us human’. Equally, technology will indeed make just about everything smarter (think smart phones, smart cities, smart homes, smart cars, smart farming etc) while us humans are apparently becoming dumber as we give / cede / merge / abdicate authority to machines that decide where we eat, who we hire or fire, who to kill (autonomous weapon systems) or when to change our baby’s diapers (yes that was 2013!).”

Click here to read more central messages and the full interview

To learn more about ‘Technology vs. Humanity’, visit the book’s web site.

Gabriele Bauer


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