Tim Dunlop: Where creativity is demanded, humans win over robots (via The Guardian)

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From The Guardian’s sustainable business section on 26 September 2016: ““These areas simply do not need as many workers as traditional employers. Where Kodak used to employ 140,000 people and was valued at $28bn (and is now bankrupt thanks to digitisation), Instagram was sold to Facebook in 2012 for a billion dollars when it (Instagram) employed 12 people.

Dances with a robotFacebook itself is the sixth-largest company in the US, but it employs a mere 12,000 people full time. Compare that to, say, General Motors, which during the 1980s employed 349,000 workers in the US alone.

Google, one of the richest corporations on the planet, only employs about 55,000 people worldwide.

You get the picture.

The era of full-time employment that can support a person across a lifetime may be coming to an end”

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