Technology vs. Humanity: Review by Bob Emerson (via IoTNOW)

Gerd Leonhard , Technology vs Humanity

Online on IoTNOW on September 27, Bob Emerson had his detailed review of Gerd Leonhard’s latest book “Technology vs. Humanity” published. Excerpt:

tech-vs-human-book-cover-300x227Chapter 5: ‘The Internet of Inhuman things’. It examines the potential challenges posed by the IoT, which is the current dominant narrative within digital transformation, with thousands of corporate strategies riding in its slipstream. If the IoT delivers on its promise, we could realise savings of 30–50% on global logistics and shipping costs; 30–70% of the costs of personal mobility and transportation; 40–50% of energy, heating, and air-conditioning expenses. But will efficiently trump humanity?

The IoT is bound to be orders of magnitude more powerful than the human Internet of today, and therefore infinitely more likely to cause unintended consequences. The outcome of global deployment could be heaven or hell, but either way the compass for this journey is being calibrated right now.”

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Learn more about “Technology vs. Humanity” on The book is available as ebook and print via Fast Future Publishing or on Kindle.

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