Podcast: Gerd Leonhard on Digital Ethics and Technology (via SIBOS)

Digital Ethics , Gerd Leonhard

Podcast-Interview of an excerpt from the complete SIBOS TV broadcast (see youtu.be/c3FGFtvkYyY)

This interview covers a wide range of topics related to Gerd Leonhard’s Latest book ‘Technology vs Humanity‘, including privacy, artificial intelligence, the end of dying, digital ethics, the future of money, the United States of Europe, cyber-security, autonomous vehicles and much more. A big thank you to Sibos and Innotribe for making this video available.

Visit the book’s web site – “Technology vs. Humanity – the coming clash between man and machine” for more information, reading samples and all order links. The book would also make a perfect incentive for teams and clients (bulk order discounts available)

Gabriele Ruttloff


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