Offline: A phone-free event is a very different experience (via NY Times)

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“Your Phone’s on Lockdown. Enjoy the Show.” is the title of Janet Morrissey’s post on the NY Times mid of October, and Yonder founder Graham Dugoni is to be credited for “A phone-free event is a very different experience.”

yondr“The comedian Dave Chappelle used to hate when fans would pull out smartphones during his act, record the performance and then post it on YouTube and social media before the show had even ended. To him, the fans seemed more interested in getting the perfect shot than in appreciating his stand-up routine.

But in late 2015, Mr. Chappelle discovered a technology called Yondr. Fans are required to place their cellphones into Yondr’s form-fitting lockable pouch when entering the show, and a disk mechanism unlocks it on the way out. Fans keep the pouch with them, but it is impossible for them to snap pictures, shoot videos or send text messages during the performance while the pouch is locked.”

Read full article on NY Times online.

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