AI will profoundly change city life in 8 different ways by 2030 (via Singularity Hub)

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Transportation, Home and Service Robots, Healthcare, Education and three more topics examined in this post by Edd Gent on Singularity Hub last week provide an update of what our city life will be like in the near future.

drone-future-city“How will AI shape the average North American city by 2030? A panel of experts assembled as part of a century-long study into the impact of AI thinks its effects will be profound.

The One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence is the brainchild of Eric Horvitz, a computer scientist, former president of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, and managing director of Microsoft Research’s main Redmond lab.

Every five years a panel of experts will assess the current state of AI and its future directions. The first panel, comprised of experts in AI, law, political science, policy, and economics, was launched last fall and decided to frame their report around the impact AI will have on the average American city. Here’s how they think it will affect eight key domains of city life in the next fifteen years.”

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