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Turning Banks into Pizza Parlors

A friend of mine, Thorsten Linz of s1mplify who is one of the lucky bastards who get to live in Menlo Park posted an opinion piece on LinkedIn entitled “Within a Decade, Retail Banks will be Dead“. I actually think he’s overly optimistic: Retail banks

Deep learning may suddenly change your life (via Fortune)

Good article by Roger Parloff published last week on Fortune online: “Over the past four years, readers have doubtlessly noticed quantum leaps in the quality of a wide range of everyday technologies. Most obviously, the speech-recognition functions on our smartphones work much better than they

Podcast: Gerd Leonhard on Digital Ethics and Technology (via SIBOS)

Podcast-Interview of an excerpt from the complete SIBOS TV broadcast (see This interview covers a wide range of topics related to Gerd Leonhard’s Latest book ‘Technology vs Humanity‘, including privacy, artificial intelligence, the end of dying, digital ethics, the future of money, the United States

AI Is Not the Future, It’s the Present (via LTP)

A month ago, an interesting article about how AI is already very much present was published by Sofia on LTP Let’s Talk Payments: “With all the fascination around artificial intelligence (AI) as an immense part of the future, there is an underestimation of how firmly

Technology vs. Humanity: Review by Bob Emerson (via IoTNOW)

Online on IoTNOW on September 27, Bob Emerson had his detailed review of Gerd Leonhard’s latest book “Technology vs. Humanity” published. Excerpt: “Chapter 5: ‘The Internet of Inhuman things’. It examines the potential challenges posed by the IoT, which is the current dominant narrative within digital transformation,