Interview with Gerd Leonhard: Innovation with a Higher Purpose (via AESC)

Gerd Leonhard , Technology vs Humanity

AESC Executive Talent articleIssue # 8 of the «Executive Talent Magazine» of AESC Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants published an interview with Gerd Leonhard followed by an exclusive print of Chapter 1 of his latest book “Technology vs. Humanity“. Excerpt:

How soon can we expect automation to have a significant impact on the labor market?
We’re looking at the point where in roughly ten years all the things that were science fiction become possible. Nanobots in my bloodstream cleaning cholesterol, for example. It means we will find ways to bring more machines to the labor market. For example, rather than calling your assistant, you just speak to a device and it will book the flights when you want it to.”

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