Interview: Exploring the Relationship between (Wo)Man and Machine (via SimpleWeb)

Gerd Leonhard , Technology vs Humanity

“Why now?” Kylie of SimpleWeb asks Gerd Leonhard during an interview held recently and published online end of November.

“I think that we are now at the point where machines are no longer stupid” says Gerd. “For a long time, we talked about thinking machines and robots and AI and all that stuff, but we never actually got there…VR was a big topic in the 1980s and robots have been a popular theme in science fiction since the 1920s, so why did Gerd decide that now was the time to focus on humanitarian concerns in the face of technology?

Machines can actually become as humans and humans may therefore become no more than machines.

Machines can now speak and understand language pretty well. We now have computers that are starting to develop their own way of thinking because of supercomputing, AI, deep learning and identities which mirror the human brain.”

Full article available on SimpleWeb

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Gabriele Ruttloff


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