From tomorrow to today: Futurist Gerd Leonhard’s latest news and links (#15)


The latest issue of Gerd Leonhard’s Newsletter can be read here:

“Greetings and happy new year!
Despite all the troubling and unexpected things that happened in 2016, I believe that the future is better than we think. But the future is also no longer just what may happen tomorrow – it’s also what has already happened, today, that we just didn’t pay attention to.

In that spirit, here are my latest reads and discoveries (btw: follow the GerdFeed to tap into my live-reading stream if you need a constant feed, or follow me on Twitter)

Kind regards from Zürich where we are finally getting some snow:)
Gerd Leonhard

Read about these Topics:

  • The future of work, robots and automation
  • Dystopia or Realopia ?
  • Machine Intelligence / AI / IA
  • Digital Heretics and critical voices
  • Digital Ethics
  • Best of Gerd
  • and browse a Collection of Great conversations and videos

Gabriele Ruttloff


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