A 2017 Trends Collection


Curated by Futurist and The Futures Agency Member Rudy De Waele, below some links to interesting 2017 trends:

» Fjords Trends
“Twelve months of research, 1000+ cups of coffee, and probably an entire forest worth of Post-its (don’t worry—we recycle). That’s what it took for us to compile our Trends 2017 report, which offers an in-depth look at the eight most important developments we believe will influence and impact design and innovation for business, government and society in the coming year. ”

» Future Today Institute 2017 Trends
The Future Today Institute published its annual report showcasing the most disruptive technologies that will affect consumer behaviour and impact business strategy in the coming year.

» The official Ogilvy Key Digital Trends for 2017
The official Ogilvy Key Digital Trends for 2017. A yearly trend report outlining both where we believe the digital and social landscape is headed and what brands and agency partners should do about it. By Marshall Manson and James Whatley.

» Koru wearable trends 2017
Bmf reader Christian Lindholm and the Koru team just published its wearable trends now in the fifth year. Koru merges design and technology and the beauty for wearables.

» Ericsson ConsumerLab Consumer Trends 2017
Consumer trends come to light due to digital emmersion. The Ericsson ConsumerLab research gives you an insight in 10 hot consumer trends for 2017.

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