Podcast: a Conversation with Tim Leberecht (The Business Romantic) and Gerd Leonhard (Technology vs Humanity)

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Gerd Leonhard just recently discovered Tim Leberecht’s work on Ted and on Youtube, and is currently reading Tim’s book ‘The Business Romantic.’ Similar to fellow futurist Richard Watson, and fellow ‘team human’ thinker Douglas Rushkoff, Gerd’s and Tim’s work have some pretty amazing overlaps, and many of their key messages (see some of Gerd’s below) are very similar.

Listen to a very special podcast / conversation recorded on Dec 22, 2016, during which Gerd and Tim discuss the key messages in their two books, and the overall technology versus humanity challenges facing us in the near future.  Tim and Gerd will collaborate more in the future, including a very special event they will be curating at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona – stay tuned for updates via Gerd’s newsletter.

Find out more about ‘Technology vs Humanity’, read the TvH cheat sheet, buy the book on Amazon (this link automatically takes you to your local amazon site), or order it directly from Gerd’s publisher (all formats; bulk orders at a discount)

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