The Future of Work: Navigating the Whitewater (via Pacific Standard)

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In his article on the Pacific Standard, already in 2015 researcher, author, and lecturer John Seely Brown wrote:

“Given this era of accelerating change, one in which the half-life of many skills can be as short as five years, corporate training centers no longer work; returning to community colleges every five years is not viable. We must re-invent the workplace as a learningscape.’ We need to scale the efficacy of apprenticeship by radicalizing peer-based, social learning, and by structuring work groups with the kind of diversity of viewpoints and approaches that drives learning, with and from each other. Technology can assist this — I’m imagining a strange twist on eHarmony, in which we would use algorithms to match employees and create agile and diverse work teams where people could learn from each other.”

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