Gerd Leonhard: The Megashifts Reshaping Our World (via Sargia Partners)


End of last year, Gerd Leonhard explored a key theme in Technology vs. Humanity in his post on Sargia Partners:

And you thought Digital Transformation was the only new kid on the block?
Science fiction is increasingly become science fact and exponential technological change is rapidly changing our culture, business and society. Much of it is extremely promising and has the potential to solve our biggest challenges such as energy, water and global warming, while we are facing a myriad of unintended consequences such as the likelihood of widespread technological unemployment, a total loss of privacy and dramatic dependency on technology.

The most powerful companies are no longer the oil and gas companies or the banks, they are the big data / big internet companies and platforms such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, Baidu and Tencent.  These players are propelled to supremely dominant positions by what I call the Megashifts, a dozen or so drivers that are unfolding exponentially as well as combinatorially – amplifying each other.”

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