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A 2017 Trends Collection

Curated by Futurist and The Futures Agency Member Rudy De Waele, below some links to interesting 2017 trends: » Fjords Trends “Twelve months of research, 1000+ cups of coffee, and probably an entire forest worth of Post-its (don’t worry—we recycle). That’s what it took for

Podcast: The technologies that will change the world (Gerd Leonhard)

This is the live recording of Gerd Leonhard’s keynote held at the 8th Forum De La Haute Horlogerie in Lausanne in November 2016, now also available as podcast: “There’s no getting away from technology. It is, one could say, universal and spreading exponentially. Futurist Gerd

9 mind-boggling stats about artificial intelligence (via FoxBusiness)

An interesting article published by Andrew Tonner last December, on FoxBusiness online. Read about these topics: Voice assistant software is the #1 AI app today AI bots will power 85% of customer service interactions by 2020 Digital assistants will “know you” by 2018 Amazon, Alphabet, IBM, and