The Mine of the Future Is Run by Drones (via Motherboard)

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Interesting article by Corin Faife found on Motherboard recently: “Drones, 3D scanning, and autonomous vehicles are moving humans away from the risks of the mining industry.”

“As this trend towards automation continues there will almost certainly come a point where humans no longer need to be present in mining areas at all. In the interim period, mines will increasingly see a mixture of autonomous and human-operated machinery, which brings its own challenges. For example, although autonomous vehicles are working according to logical rules, these may not always be apparent to human workers: in one accident recorded in an Australian mine, the route pre-programmed into an autonomous truck had not been physically signposted in the mine, leading to a serious collision when the automated vehicle unexpectedly cut across the path of a vehicle with a human driver. (On some levels this is still a case of human error, but an error that would have been apparent had both vehicles been manned.)”

Read full article on Motherboard

Gabriele Bauer


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