Workshop: How To Craft A Beautiful Business 21 April London (via DO Network)

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TFA Member Alan Moore will run workshop on April 21, 2017, in London titled: “How To Craft A Beautiful Business”. Following some details:

“What would your business look like if it were more beautiful? And, what does it mean to be a beautiful business? Beautiful businesses are transformational in the universal and valuable utility they bring to the world, joyful in experiences they create. All sourced from an embracing of clear purpose of how to serve their customers well. Beautiful businesses are restorative to people and the planet. Businesses with beautiful cultures are attractive – to employees, and customers. Consequently, people want to belong, to enthuse, and support them.

This raises important questions: what is the process for making retail beautiful? What does beauty mean in software? Can beauty as a lens help guide us to arrive at better answers? Can beauty scale? Can beauty provide durability, and opportunity? Can a beautiful business be adaptive? Can a beautiful business yield high financial returns and still be ethical? Should beauty be a commercial duty? Does beauty require us to think more holistically? What would be the language of a beautiful business? Do we think differently about our environment if we see it as beautiful?”

For more details, date, location, cost, etc. click here

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