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Is AI a danger for Humanity? Well… it’s complicated!

In an interesting display of “Yes, No, It’s complicated”, three Indian researchers reflect whether AI is a danger for humanity. In the YES-camp, the key argument evolves around the almost exclusive focus of AI on one particular aspect of human beings: the calculative capacity. The

The currency of humanity (Joi Ito’s Practice of Change)

In late 2018, Joi Ito, Director MIT Media Lab presented his draft Phd. dissertation on the “Practice of Change“. Organised in 6 chapters, he articulates how to intervene in complex systems. It’s a fascinating, long and deep read on how to keep our humanity at

A Conversation about AI, with Rudy Rucker (Voices of AI podcast)

“one of Wolfram’s points has been that any natural process can embody universal computation. Once you have universal computation, it seems like in principle, you might be able to get intelligent behavior emerging even if it’s not programmed. So …