New podcast with Matt Ward: Megashifts, AI and Why the Future is More Unknowable than Ever


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In our wide-ranging conversation, we cover many things, including:

  • The evolution of AI and dangers of AGI
  • Why Europe has to lead the way on privacy, data and consumer rights
  • Why Gerd believes we need a moratorium on the future of artificial general intelligence
  • The problem with capitalism and creating a better future
  • How tech giants may end up owning our future
  • Why Facebook and Zuckerberg didn’t really do anything wrong, at least according to the rules
  • How Gerd thinks about megashifts and the future of humanity
  • Why we may all be living a lot longer thanks to biotech
  • The reason technology isn’t the the answer or means to an end
  • Why the future is more unknowable than ever
  • The reason Gerd isn’t that excited about space travel
  • What you need to know robotics and future of work

DOWNLOAD: The Disruptors – A Podcast About the Future of Us All | Science | Technology | Health | Space Tech | Singularity | AI | VR and more: Fringe FM for Blockchain | Climate Change | IoT 74: 74. Megashifts, AI and Why the Future is More Unknowable than Ever | Gerd Leonhard

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