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Wild Wild Web

What the history of the Wild West teaches us about the future of the Digital Society By Tim Cole* When we think about the short, exciting history of the Internet, it helps to first think back to the events that shaped what we like to

Facebooks Götterdämmerung

Dass Facebook in tiefen Schwierigkeiten steckt, ist bekannt. Mich hat nur überrascht, wie schnell es gegangen ist. Was sich aber jetzt zusammenbraut, stellt alles bisher Dagewesene in den Schatten – und läutet womöglich das Ende ein von Facebook, wie wir es kennen. David N. Cicilline

New Podcast! Chapter 7: The Digital Obesity Pandemic

Here is our latest podcast based on Chapter 7 of Gerd’s best-selling book Technology vs Humanity (Now available in 11 languages!) This week Peter and I covered the topic of digital obesity. We define this as being a mental and technological condition in which data, information, media, and

Zuckerberg Wants Facebook to Build a Mind-Reading Machine

“The idea is to allow people to use their thoughts to navigate intuitively through augmented reality—the neuro-driven version of the world recently described by Kevin Kelly. No typing, no speaking, even, to distract you or slow you down as you interact with digital additions to

Mark Zuckerberg And The Tech World Still Do Not Understand Ethics

Derek Lidow writes a great piece for Forbes, Mark Zuckerberg And The Tech World Still Do Not Understand Ethics. Here’s an excerpt: “Expectations for technology startups encourage expedient, not ethical, decision making. As people in the industry are fond of saying, the tech world moves at

The concept of the Ethical Vendor: accountable, auditable and ethical

Last week, Niccolo Mejia shared in interesting view of the usage of facial recognition in financial applications. He listed three categories: Verifying identity for loan approval, authentication for digital wallets and blockchain enabled applications, and matching similar faces for marketing campaigns. The visual that captured our

This Is How AI Is Redefining Love: a rather scary read via Medium

This Is How AI Is Redefining Love was a great think piece from Medium this week: “By 2020, DNA dating and VR dating will remove the last vestiges of unpredictability from love. In DNA dating, People will use their DNA, big data and artificial intelligence to

Read Gerd’s latest piece for Forbes

Originally published on February 28, 2019, via In 2016, I published my new best-selling book called Technology Vs. Humanity. The title alone sparked alarmed discussions. Did I think we were in danger? Was technology really going to take over the world? Absolutely not: let me enthusiastically