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Review: Italian edition of ‘Technology vs Humanity’

Ecco perché la tecnologia cambierà radicalmente le nostre vite Il futurologo Gerd Leonhard: “Siamo in uno snodo cruciale nell’evoluzione tecnologica. Il cambiamento diventerà esponenziale, inevitabile e irreversibile. È la nostra ultima possibilità di decidere fino a che punto permetteremo alla tecnologia di plasmare le nostre

How AI will rewire us (good read via TheAtlantic)

I like AI discussions that focus on humans or human behaviour. This week, I really enjoyed Nicholas A. Christakis’s piece, ‘How AI Will Rewire Us’ for The Atlantic. Take a look at this excerpt, where Christakis considers a very simple example of how the injection

Uploading Your Brain To A Computer Does Not Make Sense

Neural engineer Polina Anikeeva, Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at MIT, offers a great TEDx talk on the differences in natural ‘brain hardware’ and solid-state electronics. It’s a distinction that she says leads to a possible collaboration between human and artificial intelligence. Anikeeva

MMC Investor’s advice on Artificial Intelligence

Guest post by The Futures Agency content curator Petervan MMC Ventures, a research-led venture capital firm, together with Barclays UK Ventures just published “The State of AI: Divergence” an extensive 150+ page report on the investment opportunities and risks in the current AI landscape. If you

Is the Microsoft Hololens 2 creating a blurred vision of who and what we are?

Microsoft launched Hololens2 at the latest Mobile World Congress. Hololens2 are the upgrade to the original set of ‘mixed reality smartglasses’ that utilize VR technology to create a new hybrid augmented reality. I personally found the whole presentation to be very slick, well designed, rehearsed and

2001: A Space Odyssey gets the Google makeover

2001: A Space Odyssey is a much-loved favorite when it comes to sci-fi fantasy movies. In fact, it’s one of my own personal favorites. And now Google has given one its key scenes a powerful makeover. In the original, HAL (the A.I.) is commanded to