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7 AI Traps to consider (via Freedom to Tinker)

Koen Lenssens told us about this great post about the 7 misconceptions and traps when it’s about AI Ethics. The writer, Dr Annette Zimmermann,  criticises some overly simplistic memes and one-liners about AI Ethics. The seven traps identified in the article are: (1) the reductionism trap, (2)

When Tim Cook says no to the FBI (new book by Leander Kahney)

A new book about Tim Cook is out: Tim Cook: The Genius Who Took Apple to the Next Level and the author Leander Kahney shared an extract in WIRED this week. Here are some good quotes from that article, about Tim Cook’s pushback to build backdoors into

Practical Wisdom: The Master Virtue

PRACTICAL WISDOM has become a key meme for my work – hence the pointers below:)) “For Aristotle, being virtuous meant avoiding these extremes, by following the path between two vices: that of not applying a virtue enough, and that of applying it too much. He