The best excerpts from Futurist Gerd Leonhard’s recent keynotes and interviews, on topics such as Technology and Humanity, the Megashifts and Digital Ethics




#1: 3 short excerpts from my keynote at Xerocon 2018: Technology and Humanity – the next 10 years

The Megashifts

Reinventing ourselves 

The Future is better than we think 

#2: From my April 2019 keynote at Springsplash 2019 in Helsinki

(the full-length version is HERE). Hope you enjoy them!

Btw: you can download most of my videos via my public cloud (gerdcloud)!

  1. The future is exponential, combinatorial and convergent

2) Technology will NOT solve social or political problems – that’s OUR job!

3) To be successful in the future, we must look OUTSIDE of our current domains!

4) Who is MISSION CONTROL for humanity?  Technology is not what we seek but how we seek

5) Efficiency is for robots

#4: Technology has no Ethics – Netapp Insights Barcelona 2018


#5  Recent Interviews

At DOTS 2019 in Prague

The end of routine is NOT the end of jobs

Interview at DOTS 2019 in Prague

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