Announcing a new 2020 speaking topic: Why and how SUSTAINABLE will become the new PROFITABLE

9 years ago, when I first presented my admittedly over-ambitious ‘Green Futurist’ agenda (check out this video of my 2012 keynote at the EcoSummit in Germany), it went absolutely nowhere. But today, finally climate change is quickly becoming the dominant narrative: the future of every business and industry, every country, and every one of us will be impacted by what action we do – or don’t – take today. Time is running out and dramatic changes are on the horizon – the future will belong to those that can hear it coming.

I think 2020 will mark the year when we will see some real action on addressing climate change. Strong foresight will be utterly essential, therefore I am presenting at least 3 of them in this brand-new, provocative talk (read more below).


More on: SUSTAINABLE will become the new PROFITABLE

First, we must face the fact that wide-ranging and disruptive carbon taxes are inevitable. Yet after the initial shock waves – and if done right – carbon taxes might not only inject Trillions of $/€ into climate change adaptation and mitigation measures (a huge opportunity in itself, I may add), but are also going to fund an estimated 100 Million new jobs in all sectors related to sustainability. Second, the much debated shift to stakeholder-value (rather than shareholder-value) is likely to reboot stock-markets around the world in the next 5-7 years, as we transition from the quickly outmoding, single bottom-line (profit) to what I call the quadruple bottom-line: people, planet, purpose and prosperity. Sustainable capitalism may be within reach in the next decade! Thirdly, I think 2020 marks the beginning of a New Renaissance as responsible investing – and rapid divestment from fossil fuels, in particular – is quickly becoming a key topic with every fund and every family office, around the globe.

As part of this talk, I will also venture beyond climate and energy issues to also address related topics such as the humanly sustainable use of technology.  Please send us a booking inquiry if you’re interested!

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