The Future of Business - the next 10 years. March 26, 2020, 6pm CET

Digital Conference with Futurists Anton Musgrave and Gerd Leonhard

We are living in an age of perpetual VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) – and given that we are also moving at exponential pace, FORESIGHT is now mission-critical. Being ‘future-ready’ is everyone’s job now, and it requires more than good data, sharp analysis and domain expertise. To ‘have a get feel’ for what’s coming is probably more of an art than a science – imagination and intuition are just as important as experience and knowledge: EQ AND IQ.  This session will focus on what we call PRACTICAL WISDOM, i.e. we will share our insights and foresights about the next decade and apply them to the here and now. We will present for 15 minutes each (Anton’s details are here, btw), and then take questions and have live discussions with the audience.

Sign up here. The event us free but slots are limited.

We will talk about the 10 Game-Changers impacting every business in the near future, and the Megashifts see; focussing on near future scenarios and ‘practical wisdoms’.    More details will be published on soon!
Please note that this is a FREE event, for now, as we are trying out new ideas and concepts. This may change in the future.

Sign up here. The event us free but slots are limited.

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