Brave New World 3.0 – by Tim Cole

By Tim Cole Will the Metaverse be the new Internet, or will it be a flop like Second Life? This is far more than an academic question among nerds because it’s about money – a lot of money. In the last quarter alone, the Reality Labs division, which is working on the Metaverse, posted an … Read more

Future Boss – leadership in times of AI

“We can’t stop it, but we can manage it” That’s the words from a famous AI scientist when talking about the future of management. Artificial Intelligence is emerging and is estimated to impact people, society and business more than Internet has done. AI offers a great number of opportunities and increased values, if we do … Read more

We can develop great technologies, but the logistics of them becoming mainstream are more difficult!

by Shara Evans What an amazing year 2019 was, not only personally with some fantastic speaking engagements around the world, but also in the technology industry. We’ve seen some sensational developments with technologies such as AI, robotics, advanced healthcare and alternative energy sources — but we’ve also seen some steps backward, particularly with respect to cybersecurity … Read more

The psychology of Silicon Valley

by Azeem Azhar What does the psychology of people behind big tech tell us about fixing the industry’s problems? The excerpt below is taken from social psychologist Katy Cook’s essay written for my Exponential View newsletter.  As a space, Silicon Valley is nondescript. Even walking down the Sand Hill Road, a stretch of several blocks that is … Read more

Tinkerer – Creator – Sensemaker

by Peter Vander Auwera An irregular, unpredictable, incoherent, unfocused set of mind-sparks that got me thinking. Handpicked, no robots. Minimalism in curation. Enjoy! About building movements around solidarity and direct action, to counter the culture of dislocated, distrustful, and disengaged. About AI, Art and Augmented Architecture. Awesome talk by artist Refik Anadol, so inspiring if you are … Read more

Change has never been this fast. It will never be this slow again

by Calum Chace The 2010s were an ironic decade. Most metrics show that human welfare improved at an extraordinary rate, but many of us seem to be fearful or resentful, or both. The world is far richer in 2020 than it was in 2010, and global inequality is declining. There is still plenty of poverty, … Read more

„Gegen die Diktatur der Gewinner: Wie wir verlieren können, ohne Verlierer zu sein

by Tim Leberecht Genau vor einem Jahr, kurz nach Neujahr, begann ich mit dem Schreiben meines neuen Buches. Nachdem ich im Februar 2017 aus den USA zurück nach Berlin gezogen war, reiste ich zwei Jahre lang für Vorträge sowie Kundenprojekte im Namen der Business Romantic Society durch Deutschland. Ich besuchte zahlreiche Unternehmen, sprach mit Psychologen, … Read more

Von den Pyramiden ins Silicon Valley – warum der Blick zurück nach vorne führt

by Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Timo Leukefeld Was haben jahrtausendealte Pyramiden mit den neuesten Entwicklungen des Silicon Valley zu tun? Mehr, als Sie gerade glauben. Disruption ist neben Digitalisierung das Schlagwort unserer Tage. Es geht um die Unterbrechung des Gewohnten, um Neuausrichtung. Denn umwälzende Überlegungen und neue Technologien verdrängen Bestehendes und sorgen für etliche Veränderungen in unserem … Read more

Damage caused by cybercrime

by John Sileo I know firsthand the damage caused by cybercrime, and that’s why I do what I do. Across the country at keynotes like this one, I share my story so it doesn’t happen to you, your organization or your customers. John Sileo’s identity was stolen by a cybercriminal and used to embezzle $300,000 in … Read more