Azeem Azhar & Gerd Leonhard

A fascinating fireside chat / debate with 2 leading thinkers and visionaries on the future of technology and humanity, artificial intelligence and digital ethics.

About Azeem Azhar

Azeem Azhar is a well-known strategist, keynote speaker and futurist, product entrepreneur and analyst. He is the curator of the newsletter Exponential View which concentrates on the intersection of technology, business models, the political economy and society. Azeem is also an award-winning entrepreneur. As an investor he focuses on tech startups, especially in the AI sector. Azeem held corporate strategy roles at Reuters and the BBC, and was previously a journalist at The Economist and The Guardian.  Watch some of his keynotes on Youtube. Azeem is based in London.

About Gerd Leonhard

There is no lack of visionary thinkers on the planet ready to paint the future in bright colors for organizations and enterprises in search of evolution. Gerd is alone in bringing the humanist tradition of philosophical questioning to burning issues as they impact real life here and now. From digital obesity and technology megashifts to the imperative need for a global ethics framework around digital transformation, Gerd plays mentor to a host of creative enterprises making the successful shift to futurized thinking. His new book Technology vs. Humanity is a working manual for remaining unique and inventive in the coming era of algorithmic tyranny. Gerd is also the CEO of The Futures Agency. He is based in Zürich. Visit Gerd’s Youtube channel.

The format

Azeem and Gerd are available, as a package, for your event or conference. Usually, both present their views for 15-30 minutes, each (with or without slides), followed by fast-moving and hard-hitting discussion session that can be self-moderated or involve a suitable and experienced host or moderator. Questions from the audience are an integral part of this format (either in-person, or using an online platform such as mentimeter or slido.  The total duration can be anywhere from 60-120 minutes.

Check out this recent podcast with Azeem and Gerd, on artificial intelligence and the future of work, jobs and humanity:

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