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Augmented Barbie using Artificial Intelligence

With the help of A.I., America’s most famous doll tries to fulfill a timeless dream — convincing little girls that she’s a real friend. What will happen if they believe her? In-depth article in the New York Times earlier last week about the launch of an

What is the 4th Platform?

The core concept here is that whoever learns fastest, wins, and those with the best platform and ecosystem around it, will have value that can be tapped into more rapidly for sustained strategic benefit. Plus, it will ensure coverage of virtually all of the top

Brand success in an era of Digital Darwinism

Digitization is steadily becoming the main pathway for consumer journeys. The number of digital touchpoints is increasing by 20 percent annually as more offline consumers shift to digital tools and younger, digitally oriented consumers enter the ranks of buyers… Read more from McKinsey & Company

Rohit Bhargava: Sell something focused on content

According to Bhargava, one of the most frequent and grave mistakes he sees is when a startup thinks the only way they can make money is to sell advertising. The issue is that, as a startup, you don’t have enough people to successfully pull this

The Future in Store

The Future in Store – Episode #6 (by PayPal Canada) Nice clip via Doug Stephens aka Retail Prophet