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What price the road?

Toll systems in use around the world are hopelessly stuck in the analog age. By using intelligent IoT-based metering governments just might be able to keep pace with rising numbers of vehicles as ride-sharing and electric cars take off. Toll roads go back a long

Replacing Humans: Uber Begins Its Endgame (via Motherboard)

“Taxi drivers have spent the last few years begging local governments around the world to put an end to the threat of unregulated ridesharing.” Jason Koebler wrote an alarming article about robot taxis a few weeks ago on Motherboard. “We all know that sooner or later, human

Glen Hiemstra: Driverless Vehicles – Options and Possibilities

Recent post on by Glen Hiemstra, where he writes: “Let’s look at one of the hot topics of the day, driverless vehicles. … I’ve been paying attention to this for some time, including work with the federal and state transportation agencies, and more recently the

Video: First Electric Cars for Everybody (via WIRED)

WIRED Editor in Chief Scott Dadich interviews Mary Barra, Chairman and CEO of General Motors Company, this month during the WIRED Business Conference 2016. Barra explains in detail how GM realises electric cars for mass production. Watch full video on Related topics: Driverless Cars Does OPEC

Driverless cars: open letter to Tesla and Google (via TechCrunch)

“Rough roads ahead”, John Thuma wrote last week on TechCrunch in his open letter to Google and Tesla on driverless vehicles: “We’re about to enter a hybrid world where there will be human-controlled vehicles and algorithm-controlled vehicles on the road at the same time.” Read